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Loch Lomond Brushed Lambswool Tartan Rug

Fabulously soft ‘Loch Lomond District Tartan’ brushed wool throw, woven for us by Lochcarron in the Scottish Borders.


100% Lambswool

142cm x 180cm


The Loch Lomond District Tartan design has been fully authenticated by the ‘Scottish Tartans Authority’. 

All the colours have particular significance… 

The purple represents St Kessog, a medieval Bishop who brought Christianity to Loch Lomond and the surrounding area. The rich soft red is a common colour in the various local clan tartans. 

Highlights include a light blue, turquoise blue and soft yellow green to represent the loch and landscape.

Loch Lomond Brushed Lambswool Tartan Rug

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