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Rowena’s Retail Therapy…


Many many years ago Rowena worked in Marketing, designing new biscuits for
the supermarkets. That involved deciding on new flavours… tasting biscuits and working
on new packaging designs.


Before that Rowena had decided on the features and buttons you found on your 
Electrolux washing machine.


However moving to live on the banks of Loch Lomond, it was time for Rowena to create

her own business. In 1998 ‘Loch Lomond Trading Company’ was established and

The Coach House Coffee Shop was opened in the Conservation village of Luss.
It is certainly not your average coffee shop…but then with a background in Home Economics
and Marketing (not commercial catering) it was always going to be different. 


Recently discovered family photographs show the ‘Ferguson Family Tea Tent’ which

was set up each summer in Cookstown by her Great Grandparents.

Clearly a forerunner of the current catering establishment!


Great Aunt Ella (and a friend from Scotland) at the Ferguson Family Tea Stall.

Rowena’s Great Grandfather (George) and Great Grandmother Sarah Jane Ferguson.

Now Rowena is using her Marketing past to bring you a rather fabulous online shop.

Many items have been designed by Rowena, and are totally unique. Quality, as well as style, is critical,
with Rowena sourcing from small independent companies.


These include the Loch Lomond District Tartan, Highland Stoneware hand-painted
in the Loch Lomond Tartan, and a range of Greeting Cards from Rowena’s original paintings.


It's hardly surprising that Rowena has turned out to be an artist,
as her mother Rhona studied at Central St Martin’s in London and taught art

in Cookstown High School for many years.


Why Schnauzers?  Well, it started with Parsley who had a lot of character and
a very affectionate personality. Parsley and Micha were the first ‘Resident Schnauzers’,
and the models for the ‘Rowena’s Retail Therapy’ character.

Today, Bramble and Myrtle are the Schnauzers, very much in charge!


Left to right: Bramble at St Cyrus beach, Micha in Pink and Parsley in Blue, with their cousin Susie out on ‘Walkies’ at Firkin Point.

Rowena enjoying the Luss Highland Games with a very wriggly Myrtle on her knee.

Rowena's Great Aunts.png
Rowena's Great Grand Parents .png
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Schnauzers in Sweaters.png
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FAB 009_Designer Felted Applique Corsage
CARDS 011_Loch Lomond from Firkin Point
Clyde Cappuccino Cut-out Colour Adjusted
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